AdamThanks for taking the time to visit my site- I’m currently in a bit of a transition period but I hope you find something interesting here. I’m a Research Fellow at the Moredun Research Institute, working in the Disease Control group. Research at the Moredun aims to improve livestock health and welfare through the prevention and control of infectious diseases. I’m an evolutionary ecologist by training and aim to bring my experience of disease ecology and statistical approaches to messy data to address the causes and consequences of variation in responses to infection.

My previous work has been conducted on wild populations of animals and pre-industrial humans, and has focused on on one broad theme: how does natural selection shape variation in life-history traits? Previous topics of interest have included the factors creating variation in resistance and tolerance to infection; how early-life processes influence later life-histories; and the causes and consequences of variation in ageing rates. Take a look at the fantastic beasts I’ve worked on and see my Publications page, Google Scholar and ORCID profiles for more details.

I’m endeavoring to write about my latest activities at least semi-regularly on the News and Ramblings page, and although I could definitely do more to communicate my research, I’m also trying to keep track of my Outreach and Media work. I also love Twitter and although I’m not massively prolific, I try and tweet something vaguely interesting every day, so follow me @adhayward18!

To get in touch, please send me an email at adam[dot]hayward[at]moredun[dot]ac[dot]uk.