I’m an Impact Research Fellow in the department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling. All of my research is part of the aim to answer one very broad question: how does natural selection create all the variation we see in nature?

The topics I am particularly interested in are why individuals vary in their immune responses to infections; how early-life processes influence later life-histories; and the causes and consequences of variation in ageing rates. See my Research and Publications pages for more details.

I work on a few different wild animal systems, which are all highly collaborative projects and I’m very lucky to benefit from the creativity and insight of the people I work with. Take a look at the Study systems pages to learn about the fantastic creatures I work with!

Hopefully my latest activities will be updated semi-regularly on the News and Ramblings page. Although I could definitely do more to communicate my research, I’m also trying to keep track of my Outreach and Media work.

Please get in touch!

Email: adam[dot]hayward[at]stir[dot]ac[dot]uk

Twitter: @adhayward18

ORCID: 0000-0001-6953-7509


Early-career researcher in evolutionary ecology at the University of Stirling