Now tell me that wasn’t fun?



Having some actual fun.


I was recently approached by our fantastic Research and Enterprise Office here at Stirling to write a blog post about what inspired me to become a biologist, my experiences as an early career researcher and what I’m trying to do in my current role as an Impact Fellow. And here is it!

This was actually quite a difficult task for me, probably because in between the challenges of being an early-career researcher (largely trying to do interesting science, writing funding applications, reading rejection emails and worrying where the next job’s going to come from), I don’t really appreciate how much I actually like what I do- or why I started doing it in the first place.

So this blog post was actually a really good opportunity to ask myself (1) why did I decide to try and do biology for a living? and (2) do I still enjoy it? The answers, which can be found in the blog post in much more detail are (1) finding stuff out is fun and (2) emphatically yes…but it’s maybe not as much fun as actual fun.

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