Coping with Parasites in a Wild World


This isn’t a blog post as such, more a direction to a piece of work I did for the excellent PLoSable website. PLoSable is a science education resource and a branch of Arizona State Univeristity’s Ask A Biologist website which engages active scientific researchers with schoolkids and their parents and teachers. The piece I wrote is based on our PLoS Biology paper on tolerance of worm infections in St Kilda Soay sheep. I’m enormously indebted to Karla Moeller from PLoSable for advice and guidance on writing science for teenagers. The final piece, Coping With Parasites in a Wild World discusses the importance of studying disease in wild populations, just how you catch hundreds of sheep at a time, why on earth you’d want to collect their poo, and how NOT killing parasites might help you survive longer and have more kids….

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